man sitting on dock with cattle dog with a bag of Karma food between them

A Chef on Why KARMA™ Dog Food is Perfect for His Dog

About the Author:

After more than a decade of sailing around the world as a private yacht chef, Adam Glick has now found his calling as the Adventure Chef. His travels and challenges while cooking professionally have primed him for a life of preparing 5-star food in beautiful, remote, and off-grid locations. All this happens while creating high quality and authentic content for his favorite and most utilized brands. Chef Adam Glick has pursued a number of endeavors since yachting. He can be seen on multiple television outlets including Netflix, Hulu, Peacock and Bravo. Adam also hosts his own adventurous cooking show, titled "Stoked" on OutsideTV. Follow him at @chefadamglick.

It’s no secret that Tex and I are living the most sustainable life we can: going on incredible adventures and exploring our beautiful world together as best friends. Every day we learn new ways to limit our impact on the environment. For one thing, Tex and I spend as much time out in nature as possible. This allows us to gather, forage, hunt and fish for as much fresh food as possible and limits our usage of electricity and other common household resources.

In addition, we live a homesteading lifestyle with a little cabin out in the sticks. Tex helps me take care of chickens, ducks and a beautiful garden—anything we can do to reduce the amount of usage and waste from day to day. Having a means of being self-reliant and responsibly living with our environment is of top priority. We are living the life we dreamed of, and growing everyday as a result.

In addition to our resourceful lifestyle, I needed to find a pet food that aligned with my beliefs as a human, and I found what I needed with KARMA™ dog food. It is made with non-GMO ingredients*, has recyclable packaging through the brand's partnership with TerraCycle and uses plant-first ingredients with real chicken or white fish. I am so thankful KARMA™ now exists. It’s amazing to see what something as simple as switching pet foods can do for your loved one.

After just 4 months of using KARMA™ I can safely say we’re moving in the right direction. It feels like it's been a long road in search of a reliable food source for Tex, but those days have finally come to a close. So thankful for Tex’s new found diet and that we can continue our pursuit of responsibly living on this planet together.

That’s why the KARMA™ team is inviting all of us and our dogs to join the Karma Kollective, a digital community of pets and pet parents who are committed to living a more sustainable lifestyle together.

*Trace amounts of genetically modified ingredients may be present due to potential cross contact during manufacturing.