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Keeping my Doodles healthy this summer

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When it comes to the health and nutrition of The Henry Doodles, I am very particular about what I choose to feed them. Their health and the earth are both my top priority always! That is why I was super excited to partner with new KARMA™ Dog Food.

What is KARMA™ Dog Food

KARMA™ is a new plant-first dog food made with real chicken or white fish for the optimal balance or flavor and nutrition.

I was super excited to learn that KARMA™ Dog Food is made of over 60% plants, plus animal protein from real chicken and whitefish. Their dog food is also made with plant-based superfoods which brings me so much joy. I know I used to feed my dogs other foods that were filled with fillers, and they used to experience digestion sensitivity.

Why Join the Karma Kollective

I am so appreciative to partner with a brand that not only cares about my dog’s health, but the KARMA™ brand also cares about the environment! KARMA™ dog food provides dog owners the flexibility of feeding their pets nutritious food while helping the environment keep its waste down. Did someone say, “double win!”

KARMA™ Dog Food is made in the USA, with the finest ingredients from around the world including plant-based superfoods. Like, this is seriously everything! Their dog food is also made with non-GMO ingredients, something we value.

Zero Waste to Landfill

The KARMA™ brand is a true game changer! Through a partnership with TerraCycle, KARMA™’s dog food packaging is recyclable. It is produced at a site committed to zero waste to landfills and small steps like their recyclable food bags can help our environment.

This is so amazing because it truly encourages me to live a greener life myself. Therefore, I have to admit that being a dog mom of 4 doodles, I am truly happy to be feeding my dogs better food. After experiencing digestive sensitivity issues with my dogs, I knew that eventually, I wanted to convert them over to a more plant-based lifestyle.

It is my strongest desire to build longevity and good health for my dogs and I am confident that with KARMA™ Pet Food, things are coming together nicely. I am grateful to be creating a more ecofriendly environment for my dogs and you can too! You can simply make the switch and reap the benefits.

Where to Purchase KARMA™

KARMA™ Dog Food is available in-store and online at Petco, and online at Amazon and Chewy in two varieties. My favorite part about this partnership is that the KARMA™ team is inviting dog owners and their dogs to join the Karma Kollective, a digital community of pets and their owners committed to helping the plant.

For this reason, I genuinely love the idea of having a community of like-minded dog owners with the same mission. What an incredible way to spread ideas and exchange tips for sustaining a green lifestyle. For more information and tips on how to protect the earth and go green with your dog, join the Karma Kollective.