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How to Make Greener Lifestyle Choices for You and Your Dog

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Kia Chambers is a North Carolina native who started her blog ComeWagAlong.com in 2012 to share her experiences as a new dog mom. She hopes to inform and inspire while making people smile and laugh. She hopes sharing family life with a dog brings joy to other families. Follow her at @rawrsimba.

Making the world a better place should always be at the top of our long pet parent to-do lists. One way you can check "make the world a better place" off your list daily is by making greener lifestyle choices for you and your dog. Our dogs already think we're amazing for simply being us, but let's be the person that they think we are by doing some good deeds for the planet. Let's be good humans together. Don't know where to start? Here are 4 simple ways.

Feed Your Dog a Pet Food that has Earth in mind

An easy way to live a more sustainable life with your dog is by choosing to eat better. I gained a few pandemic pounds after being home a lot more last year. I definitely was not keeping a check on what I was eating at all and most of it wasn't healthy and I even slacked on my exercising.

A goal of mine is to make healthier decisions and make greener choices. I'll start by eating more organic food instead of stuffing my face with tons of meat and junk food. I definitely don't want to leave my dog out of the mix because I want him to be a happy and healthy dog that's here with me as long as possible. So I'm excited we teamed up with KARMA™ dog food and he gets to try their plant-first pet food.

KARMA™ is a brand-new plant-first dog food that's made with more than 60% plants along with REAL chicken and white fish. It’s made in the USA with ingredients from around the world. This dog food contains high-quality proteins and plant-based superfoods that will nourish their body and keep their tails wagging.

We have transitioned Simba to the plant-first recipe with chicken. After a quick sniff, he devoured the first bowl happily. The kibble is tasty, small, and easy for him to eat. Simba maintaining healthy skin and coat as well as healthy digestion is very important to me. KARMA™ dog food’s ingredients support those things that are important to us, plus they care about the planet too!

As always, make sure you talk to your vet before switching your dog’s food. Also follow the transition information on the bag for a smooth food transition.

Purchase Products with Recyclable Packaging

You can help reduce the environmental footprint easily by recycling. When you go grocery shopping, make sure the products you're purchasing are in recyclable packaging. Yes, you can even make sure your dog's food comes in recyclable packaging too so they can help reduce the environmental pawprint! KARMA™ dog food has partnered with TerraCycle® to make sure that their dog food packaging is recyclable. It’s also crafted at a site committed to zero waste to landfill. Let's remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Meal Plan to Reduce Waste

It's so easy to be wasteful, but we should really be mindful. To reduce waste, I meal plan. I plan out my food for the week and make sure I portion my food so there isn't too much that I'll end up having to throw away. You can do this with your dog as well. Don't just fill his or her bowl up with dog food, portion his food based on the recommendation on the packaging for his or her weight.

Join the Karma Kollective

There are so many ways to make greener lifestyle choices, but I think that's a good start! To find out more ways to join the Karma Kollective online community. It's a space for pets and pet parents who want to make the world a better place by doing good deeds. You'll be able to find out even more green lifestyle choices by connecting with other pet parents.

See what being a good human gets you? Good Karma! Join now by clicking HERE.