4 dogs sitting outside looking at camera

Introducing the Karma Kollective™!

Welcome to the Karma Kollective™! A community of pet parents that want to do a whole lot of good for this world with their furry friends by their side.

Here at KARMA™, we believe that as individuals, every small step we take towards protecting the earth adds up to one big step forward for our environment. From flipping off a light switch to being thoughtful about the foods we eat, the choices we make today help sustain the future of our planet tomorrow! And, because we’re dog people, finding ways for our four-legged friends to live a little greener too is a natural next step. Enter KARMA - plant-first dog food designed with the right balance of nutrition and flavor to nourish dogs’ whole-body vitality, while striving to support a vibrant planet earth!

So, what’s the Karma Kollective™ all about? We’re a group of people and pets committed to leaving the earth a little better than we found it. Our goal is simple: bring on the good vibes with simple acts that lead to greener lifestyles and a greener planet for all.

We invite you join the Karma Kollective™ to:

    • Find easy tips, tricks, and inspiration for a leading a greener life alongside your pet from a few of our favorite outdoor enthusiasts and green living + wellness experts!

  • Be the reason your dog wags its tail for the day with eco-friendly ideas and adventures, and connect with a community of do-gooders in pursuit of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The journey to bring a more sustainable life to our pets has never been easier. Have an eco-friendly tip of your own? Follow us on Instagram and share it with #TheKarmaKollective!

Bark if you love Earth!