women holding dog next to Karma® dog food bag

Meet Lucy Hale's plant-first pups!

Actress and KARMA™ partner Lucy Hale is known for her starring roles in some of our favorite TV shows and movies, but perhaps her most-loved role is dog-mom to pups Elvis, a 5-year-old Maltipoo, and Ethel, her newly-adopted puppy. We caught up with Lucy on how she and her dogs are living a more sustainable life and doing their part to be good to the planet.

First of all, spending time with her furry friends, Ethel and Elvis, is an important part of every day for Lucy. The trio enjoys getting outside together, whether that’s going for a walk in the park, having an al fresco picnic, or just playing in the sun. Celebrating Mother Nature together is their first step in living a greener life.

From recycling more to cutting down on single use plastics to using more earth-friendly materials, Lucy is working on small steps that can lead to big changes for our planet. She and her pups are making the change toward a more sustainable diet, too – which can start with making the swap to more plant-first foods, like KARMA Pet Food.

“We can all work together to make the world a little greener, and that includes dogs like Elvis and Ethel,” said Hale. “I love that KARMA is providing dogs with a plant-first alternative that gives them the nutrition they need to be active and healthy, while being mindful of our planet.”

Lucy has teamed up with KARMA to spread the word about the new plant-first alternative, and show people that it’s easy to live a more earth-friendly lifestyle with your pet, reducing your carbon footprint and pawprint all at the same time! Join Lucy, Elvis, and Ethel on the journey by joining the Karma Kollective™ for tips and inspiration to live a greener life with your dog.