women hugging dog while outside

Spreading Pawsitivity!

As we learn more about how essential our actions are in protecting the future of the planet, teaming up with your canine sidekick can be some of the easiest adjustments to make! Refreshing takes on some of your most mundane daily activities can lead to more sustainable living as a pet-owner. At the end of the day, everyone, including our four-legged-friends, can do their part to encourage a greener world.

#5 Use Clean Grooming Products
Sometimes it’s easiest to make your way through the pet aisle and pick up the brightest colored grooming products they have to offer, but many of these products have ingredients that are less-than-ideal for the environment. Instead, look through the ingredients to make sure that the product you’re using to wash your buddy is safe not only for them, but won’t hurt the world around them either!

#4 Grab the leash instead of your car keys
When the “great outdoors” is right in your backyard, why go for a drive around town? Instead of taking in the scenery from the inside a car, head to the hills for a hike and get outside! Not only does this reduce our carbon footprint, but it also encourages happier lives for you and your dog.

#3 Buy Recycled Toys
The easiest way to enjoy some time with your four-legged-friend while also helping the environment is to purchase toys that are better for the environment. Using toys made from recycled products has never been so easy, as many companies are consciously moving toward this option. Or try re-purposing your dog’s chewed up toys – look online for easy tutorials on how to fix them up.

#2 Use Earth-Friendly Bowls
Just as important as what dogs eat is what they eat out of! Serve their meals in bowls made from recycled or sustainable materials, like stainless steel or bamboo.

#1 Try KARMA® Pet Food! Feeding your furry friend plant-first recipes, like those found in KARMA, can be part of a nutritious lifestyle for your pet. KARMA dog food is made with 60+% plants, non-GMO ingredients and real chicken or white fish for the optimal balance of nutrition and flavor.